Mechanical Engineering Services

We know the engineering, as we are making our own Electric Vehicle too!


We use multiple CAD tools such as SolidWorks, NX, CATIA, Inventor and AutoCAD depending on customer requirements. Our span of  

Activities in CAD includes:  

  • Generation of 3D CAD models for the design concepts such as Die casting tool assembly, Sheet Metal Components and Electrode  design etc. using wireframe and Re-mastering procedure.  

  • Generating 2D flat view drawings and manufacturing drawings for sheet metal components with GD&T. 

  • Generation of Bills of Material (BoM) 

  • Laser cutting report, Weldment designs and nesting reports for sheet metal welding. 

  • Flat patterns for laser and plasma cutting as well as CNC machine  Operations  

  • Reverse Engineering: Based on the software availability.  

  • Developed general assembly layout of the tool design using AutoCAD  for Die  Casting  

  • Designing  Die Tool Assembly using UG-NX Software

  • Splitting the component  into two half’s.(like core and cavity) 

  • Creating wire cut drawing.  

  • Design  Electrode model for electrode discharge machining process and Electrode drawing  

  • Plastic product design

  • Plastic new product development

Automotive interior and exterior plastic components

Instrument Panels & Consoles

Comfort and control inside of vehicles is made possible by instrument panels and consoles. Our solutions are designed and engineered to include unique components and features that meet customer goals and consumer needs.

Door Systems

Our systems provide style, security, and functionality for the interior door. We provide a vast array of door and trim system solutions to meet design specifications for a complete range of vehicle segments.


Headliner & Overhead Systems

Azuko headliners and overhead systems improve vehicle safety features and enhance the overall interior experience. Azuko strives to create a full range of lightweight, low-cost solutions for all vehicle segments that exceed both customer and consumer expectations. 

Instrument Panels & Cockpit Systems

At Azuko, we create instrument panel and console solutions that exceed a diverse set of customer and industry standards. Among the most complex to create and implement, each solution is designed and engineered with unique components and features needed to achieve customer goals. We engineer in sequence full instrument panel assemblies and consoles allowing automakers greater design and component variability.

We also create complete cockpit systems that are designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled using proprietary technologies to create hard- and soft-touch surfaces.


Door Trim Systems

Door panels provide comfort, style, safety, and functionality for the interior door. We provide a vast array of door and trim system solutions to meet design specifications for a complete range of vehicle segments.

Overhead & Headliner Systems

Azuko produces standard headliners to fully integrated multimedia consoles that meet our customers’ needs and the end users’ expectations.





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